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There are many pests around us that cause damage to our properties and are considered a menace in areas inhabited by humans. Raccoons are one such pest that has become a major problem in the Greater Toronto Area. For raccoon removal in Etobicoke, consult professional wildlife control services.

The largest among the Procyonid family, adult raccoons are about 16 to 28 inches in length and weigh around 10 to 20 pounds. These are identified due to their “facial mask” and the front paws, which are extremely dexterous.

Why Should You Remove Raccoons?

They multiply near homes and cause a lot of damage to roof lines, pipes and roof vents, including chimney covers and lattices. Their actions will damage the structural stability of beams that support attic and there may be short circuits as raccoons love to chew electrical wiring. These animals are also carriers of rabies in their saliva and can transmit the infection to humans and pets through bites.

How to Remove Raccoons?

Raccoon removal EtobicokeYou need to hire the services of a professional wildlife control company that will help you out. It pays to opt for a raccoon removal service in Etobicoke that excels in using both time-tested and new and innovative techniques to get rid of raccoons.

The availability of food in plenty and the absence of strong predators can make them adapt quickly and multiply. Some experts in wildlife control believe that prevention is the best way to tackle raccoon menace, but to make sure you protect your properties from long-term damage, you should hire experienced professionals who excel in raccoon removal in Etobicoke.

Opt for raccoon control service that uses humane practices to get rid of these pests. Such methods first study the raccoons’ habits, nesting places, and behaviors before choosing the best possible removal method.

One effective technique of raccoon removal in Etobicoke is to install one-way doors. Once raccoons leave your property, the door prevents from re-entering. In addition to this measure, the professional should also employ traps to physically catch them. In case during the raccoon removal process, the experts find raccoon babies, they should safely remove them and place them near mom, and then relocate the full family.

The raccoon removal service in Etobicoke that you employ should also secure isolated areas. Hence, they should conduct a thorough inspection of the property and then use the best possible methods to raccoon-proof it. Most importantly, you should dispose food safely, without accumulating the waste for days in your garbage cans and kitchen.

The staff at Icon Pest are trained to provide effective and guaranteed raccoon removal in Etobicoke. The experts will take the necessary steps to remove these from your attic, chimney, and garage.

Why Icon Pest?

Companies that are not well experienced, will burn a hole in your pocket. Utilize our top-notch services for raccoon removal in Etobicoke. At Icon Pest, we respond quickly to client calls and delivers professional service. We have a proven successful track record in Toronto. You will be amazed at the affordable raccoon removal price that we offer.

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